TerraPaviljoen is an innovative and mobile location for parties & celebrations and business events. It is a mobile glass location of over a 100 square metres that can be further extended to roughly 200 m2 by one or two stretch tents. TerraPaviljoen has a fireplace, restrooms, and a bar with a cooling compartment for drinks and snacks. TerraPaviljoen is mobile because it has been built on a trailer. A truck can place the pavilion (13.0m x 2.55m) on every desired location, after which the truck and trailer can be moved and the base of the pavilion unfolds. The pavilion can be set up in less than two hours. Because of a hydraulic system the pavilion can be place on the ground, but it can also be raised to 60cm or 1.2m.

For a reception the TerraPaviljoen can accommodate up to eighty people. For a dinner there is place for sixty persons. The pavilion has the possibility to extend the number of square 'event meters', with attachment points for a stretch tent. With the indoor- and outdoor space the TerraPaviljoen has become a location for at least 180 persons. The pavilion offers astonishing views on the location because of the large windows. There is also the possibility to enjoy the view from a rooftop terrace. Organizations can place flags and banners on the balcony of the rooftop terrace. TerraPaviljoen also allows you to make modern audio-visual presentations.

But TerraPaviljoen is more than a special location. TerraPaviljoen designs and organizes customized events wherever you want. In your garden, in the woods, in the dunes, abroad or at every other crazy but beautiful location. We can take care of the complete organization and coordination to the final day of the event, so the customer can enjoy the event with his or her guests. Mobility, creativity, and exclusivity are very important. Note: The pavilion can also be rented without further event organization. This is possible after consultation and clarity on the purpose.

TerraPaviljoen is new on the market. And with just one extra pavilion lots of new locations are added, which can be adapted to new situations like a chameleon. The pavilion is not just suitable as a location for weddings & funerals, the event industry, the culture sector, or other forms of media exposure. TerraPaviljoen is suitable for every type of event in every market. TerraPaviljoen can be used during all seasons. Because of climate control and the fireplace bookings are possible throughout the year.

TerraPaviljoen can be rented for receptions, brainstorm sessions, meetings, VIP-room during events, weddings, diners, funerals, but also as temporary gallery space, fashion shows (with catwalk attached to the pavilion), exhibition booth, or as a luxurious temporary accommodation near real estate construction projects. TerraPaviljoen is multifunctional and can be adapted to almost every desired situation and location.


Download the TerraPavilion brochure for all information and prices.
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